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Published by Philip McCarthy in Home Security Tips • 03/09/2011 06:55:35

* Many people assume that all locks are the same. This is NOT TRUE. Some cheap locks are quite strong, but they last a fraction of the time that more expensive locks will. Furthermore, if you get a poorly-cut key, it might work in a cheap lock, but it will rapidly reduce the lifetime of the lock. With a well-made, but more expensive lock, a poorly-cut key probably won’t work, but the lock will last a lot longer. At PPM Locksmiths we can advise you on which locks represent value for money.

* A lot of people have said to me, “if they want to get in, nothing will stop them”. That is simply NOT TRUE. Sadly, this is typical of people that have had experience of unsuitable, or cheap, badly-made locks. The truth is that you won’t stop them unless you have the RIGHT locks. A 3-lever lock, or basic profile cylinder on your front door is not enough. There’s no point saving money if you can’t save your possessions. Remember, there are many people who have never suffered a burglary, and there are reasons for that. At PPM Locksmiths we can show you the right locks to stop thieves.

* Many individuals will not pay slightly more for a quality security product because they have developed a defeatist attitude. They might say it’s pointless putting anything good on the door because “they’ll only smash the window”. Again, this is NOT TRUE. A burglar would find this funny. They don’t break glass - it’s noisy, drawing attention to them, and dangerous, and won’t benefit them if you have window locks. Even when glass is broken, it is the sign of an amateur, and in such cases, they usually go away empty-handed. At PPM Locksmiths, we can identify the vulnerable points of your house, and offer effective locks to provide genuine security.

* Some customers assume that locksmiths have a key, or bunch of keys, acting as ‘master’ keys or ‘skeleton’ keys, and that if you are locked out, we can produce a magic key to let you in. This is NOT TRUE. About 150 years ago, most locks were so unsophisticated they could be opened with a piece of bent metal. Modern locks are designed to work only from a key that has been shaped and cut in a particular way. A modern master key only works when the lock is modified to open in more than one position, and from more than one key, and these are not intended for private dwellings. Also, any keys produced by one manufacturer will usually only fit into the locks that they make themselves. PPM Locksmiths offer a 24-hour mobile service if you are locked out.

* In the past thirty years, double-glazing companies have been hugely successful in marketing their products. Many people now believe that uPVC is more secure than wood. That is NOT TRUE. Recent crime statistics point to a 14% increase in burglaries in the last year, with a massive increase in break-ins to uPVC doors. Burglars are abandoning attacks on wooden doors for easier targets. This is because most manufacturers, while utilising good locking mechanisms inside the door - the part of the lock you don‘t see, neglect to use a suitably secure cylinder - the part of the lock you see - where the key fits. When burglars attack these cylinders, fitted on 95% of all uPVC doors, they can open the door in under 60 seconds. With a secure cylinder, like the ABS cylinders introduced in January 2011, uPVC doors are at least as strong as a wooden door with a BS3621 kitemarked deadlock. You can find ABS secure cylinders at PPM Locksmiths.

* Many people believe that fitting an alarm will prevent a burglary. This is NOT TRUE. Statistics reveal that many houses with alarms are burgled every day. If you have an alarm, then you will know that it gives warning beeps for a certain time, allowing you to switch it off when you enter the house. During that delay, a thief who has triggered the alarm by opening your door, has enough time to grab a few things - a laptop, car keys, cash, credit cards, mobile phones, jewellery - and still get away before the alarm sounds. Alarms should be treated as an added extra once secure locks are in place. Locks offer primary security, while alarms are secondary.PPM Locksmiths can help you assess your security needs, and offer a complete fitting service for locks, safes and alarms.

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