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Published by Locksmiths in Cardiff in Choose Your Locksmith Carefully • 28/03/2011 22:32:55
For two decades, we at PPM Locksmiths have supplied our customers with exclusive high security locks and keys.
The locks are very durable - we still see original issue keys from time to time - and the cutting of keys can be controlled by the customer.
In recent years, the word ‘security’ when referring to locking products has become meaningless.
Manufacturers label everything ‘security’ and, for the layperson, it is a minefield of misinformation, uninformed opinion, and cynical marketing ploys. Unless you engage the services of a suitably qualified master locksmith to change your locks, you will be very lucky to get what you are expecting.
Most of the locks sold in the UK cannot honestly be classed as ‘security’ locks - they will not prevent or deter a burglary, and they will wear out after a relatively short time. Some of the places where you can get keys cut will offer you poorly cut copies that will hasten the rapid demise of the lock, and there is a good chance you will be locked out at some stage in the future.
Furthermore, unless you call a master locksmith, you are very likely to end up paying for a new version of the lock that has already failed you.
In such circumstances, PPM Locksmiths would advise you to upgrade your security, because what you have is inadequate, and by paying a little bit more, you will actually get what you expect.
If you always opt for the cheapest lock, you will always be let down. Customers who call a master locksmith will often end up being the proud owner of a restricted security key.
This means you can’t get copies anywhere else but at the premises of the master locksmiths themselves.
If you go to the local heel bar, they won’t be able to copy it. If they are helpful they will tell you to call the number stamped on the key for more information.
However, they might feel aggrieved that they can’t copy it themselves and give you misleading information about the price of the key, or tell you that the lock is no better than a cheaper lock, and that you could buy a cheaper lock to get cheaper keys. The best thing is to call and find out for yourself.
If you were to listen to some of the advice our customers have been given, it would be like replacing your car with a bicycle because the so-called specialist can’t supply wiper blades.
A genuine security lock does not come with keys that can be copied just anywhere. Genuine security keys can be restricted to the customer, so they can’t be copied by anyone else who has the key for a while.
If you have builders in, or you give a key to your cleaner, or a neighbour, you may want to be certain that they can’t get a copy made for themselves to use at a later date. You can’t do this with standard locks and standard keys. Furthermore, because genuine security keys are only produced to operate better quality locks, you are much more likely to continue using the same lock for decades, without introducing rogue keys cut at a boot sale which will damage the lock, and without fear of opportunist thieves having a key that fits.
If you have had a quality lock fitted recently, with PPM Locksmiths exclusive keys, you can register it with us to make sure that you have control of future key copying, for which there is no additional registration charge.
Furthermore, you can call us for a price for our security keys - they are very competitively priced compared to standard household keys, and contrary to what some keycutters would have you believe, they are certainly nowhere near the price of a new lock. We are specialists, and our expertise lies in supplying effective, durable security locks and keys.
Although few and far between, we take any complaints from customers very seriously. So we make sure we don’t give our customers any reason to find fault by supplying exactly what they expect from a master locksmith - high quality security products that last and last without problems.

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